Step-by-step: how we work

1. First consultation

Upon contact with us, you will be assigned a dedicated coordinator, who will collect information about your request for medical screening and your medical history.

2. Proposal

After a preliminary assessment, you will receive a proposal will include a cost estimate on medical screening and any additional services you have requested. We will provide detailed information about your schedule and the different examinations. You will also
receive information about the clinic where the screening will performed and your hotel.

3. Acceptance

Upon acceptance of the proposed medical screening, hotel and costs, your coordinator will make all relevant bookings for you and your stay in Scandinavia. Your coordinator will help you manage the practical issues related to your trip.

4. Arrival

Upon your arrival to Scandinavia, your coordinator will take care of you and any accompanying family members and make sure you receive the level of support you have requested.

5. Medical screening

At the scheduled day and time, you will undergo the medical screening. The clinic specialists will investigate your current state of health and perform the medical examinations as outlined in your proposal. Before leaving the clinic, you will receive the preliminary results in a closing conversation with the doctor.

6. Sightseeing and activities

If you have free time before or after your medical screening, our Travel manager can help you make plans for sightseeing tours, museums, concerts or other activities that you enjoy.

7. Report and follow-up

After your examinations have been completed you will receive a detailed written summary in English regarding your state of health. In case the doctor finds a need for additional examination or treatment, this information will be included in your report, and the doctor can also advise you regarding referrals. Your coordinator will contact
you to make sure you have received and understood the content of the health summary and check if you need any further services.

8. Departure

After you have received the results of your medical examinations, you are ready to return home according to your travel plan.